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Ryanair are the idiots now…

Bad customer service sucks at best.

Back that up with really bad PR and you have what most companies would like to avoid at all costs.

Apparently Rynair think they are above all that, for no good reason that I can think of except that they are genuinely stupid.

Here’s the reporting:

Here’s my thoughts:

As a company, no matter how annoyed some customers make you feel (and trust me, some do annoy), you have to make an effort and remain the best at what you do; and that doesn’t stop with just delivering a great product (software, widgets, cheap flights), but continues all the way through from management, payroll clerk and most especially in your customer facing teams.

Does it really matter that Ryanair decided to make a bad job of this one? To my mind, yes. It shows a lack of professionalism, and, no matter how objectively you try to look at this, they just screwed up. A simple apology from their PR person would have gone a long way.

For some unprofessional reason, however, they chose not to do so. I think that hurts their image (which I think takes a bit of a battering as it is), and reflects poorly on the hard working and caring staff who do try hard to make their customers happy.

This is true for all companies, most especially in these times of it being a buyers market.

I for one will not fly Ryanair, simply because they have a poor attitude. I am sure their competitors will be happy if you join me.

The Lesson:

Customer respect is not optional.

(Picture credit: user aromano on flickr under creative commons)

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  • Charles Neville

    Ryanair’s lack of respect for their customers is in fact part of their strategy. Based on the assumption that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, they go out of their way to court controversy, all in the name of getting the name in the press. They figure if they come across as really, offensively cheap and money-grubbing, people will link that with having low prices (our prices are so low we can’t afford to let you use the toilet for free, so low that employees at head office aren’t allowed to charge their personal mobiles at their desks).

    Sure, sensible people who don’t like being treated like cattle won’t fly with them, but the ‘lumpen proletariat’ that they target with stunts like this will remember ‘Ryanair = Cheap’. I just wonder how their C-level staff sleep at night.